Historical buildings and those with significant period features require a particular approach and philosophy. By using specialist, skilled craftsmen and women who closely replicate the construction methods originally used, restorations and refurbishments are undertaken with care and enthusiasm with a view of reducing any further deterioration of the buildings fabric and thus sustaining the properties for future generations to enjoy.

Listed buildings or those of particular historical importance or prominence are governed by their own set of rules and regulations. At Bolt and Heeks we are experienced in working with English Heritage to gently restore, refurbish and even re-build older properties that have fallen into disrepair.

We are also able to sympathetically add extensions to existing buildings, in a style that complements the original look and feel of the site.

With careful restoration, and gentle remedies, Bolt and Heeks are able to help ensure our beautiful old buildings can still be lived in and enjoyed.


Educational institutions often require reconfiguration, refurbishment and extensions to cater for the growing numbers in pupil intake. The site may also need repairs to playgrounds, car parking areas or landscaping of the surrounding grounds.

With a need for works to be undertaken with the main consideration being the safety of the pupils, staff and visitors our experienced and fully trained enhanced DBS workforce would always try to aim to undertake the majority of works during school holidays and other down periods.

Whether your educational facility is looking to just add extra space, or needing a complete refurbishment or new build project, we understand just how important safe, high quality, discreet, and cost-effective building work is to our clients.

Modifications to the existing layout of your school, college or other educational facility will be approached with an entirely holistic outlook, and find solutions that work best for your site as a whole.

Working alongside local authorities to ensure every project is executed on time and within predefined budgetary restrictions, means we are able to continue to provide first class building work to educational institutions throughout the South East.


Bolt and Heeks offer comprehensive building and repair services for facilities provided for the enjoyment of the wider community. From local authority owned buildings and amenities, through to community projects and charities, we work with them all.

All buildings need additional works or repairs at some point, regardless of who owns them.

Bolt and Heeks has many years’ experience of providing repairs, renovations and rebuilds to local authorities and community based organisations to ensure all amenities are fit for purpose.

Our community based work is undertaken with a view to lowering the environmental footprint of the existing building and our specialist team will identify ways to supply eco-friendly solutions wherever possible.

Public conveniences, visitors centres, community halls and even police and fire stations, -Bolt and Heeks are dedicated to offering first class building services to properties designed with the community in mind.


Bolt and Heeks understand that the delivery of high quality building work is vital to the success of any commercial building project, especially when time is money.

Wherever possible, we aim to complete all projects on time and within budget. Our operations team is available to work for a wide and diverse range of clients, across a multitude of sectors.

Effective project management, coupled with first class trades and a skilled and reliable workforce means that our projects always deliver unrivalled results.

We can reconfigure, refurbish and redecorate commercial facilities of all shapes and sizes, ready for shop fitting by the client or by ourselves, if required. We are also happy to engage in construction of new or additional commercial units of any kind.

We will liaise directly with facilities management and work hard to minimise any disruption to ongoing commercial concerns.


Residential projects are one of the highlights of Bolt and Heeks repertoire. Hi-end extensions, refurbishments or modernisation of private homes or investment properties such as mansion blocks is our specialty

Here at Bolt and Heeks we understand that your home is important to you and making changes to it can be an expensive and often disruptive process. Where required our Resident Liason Officer will be on hand from the start to the end of the project to support all of your needs and requirements throughout.

Our skilled quantity surveyors and professional trades people will work with your architect to provide the home of your dreams.

If you are looking to invest in the burgeoning rental market or currently manage a selection of properties, we can also help you to refit and refurbish the buildings and ensure you see maximum returns on your investments.