We take the view that sustainability does not solely refer to materials procurement. Along with the standards set by our accreditation to ISO 14001 we ensure our practices and procedures adhere to the scopes and set ourselves objectives to limit the impacts our works have on communities.

Materials Procurement

  • We use suppliers who share our concerns for the environment and take steps to provide materials from sustainable sources or that have minimal environmental impact.
  • Wherever possible, procure materials that balance social, economic and environmental factors.
  • Source products with a high recycled content or that are capable of being recycled to prevent further pollution

Social Responsibilities

  • Where possible, provide opportunities for local SMEs
  • Where possible, provide work experience opportunities in the communities in which we work
  • Treat our supply chain fairly
  • 90% local suppliers
  • Ensure that fair contract prices and terms are applied
  • Ensure our supply chain shares our corporate ethos with regard to safety, quality, environmental management, diversity and equal opportunity
  • Ensure all stakeholders have equal access to our services
  • Ensure that we use locally sourced products and services to reduce our carbon footprint

Care for our Workforce

  • Ensure terms and conditions for all employees are fair
  • Ensure each employee’s workplace is safe
  • Provide good welfare facilities for all
  • Staff training days: Over 320 in 2017
  • Ensure staff are not discriminated against either from within the company or by third parties
  • Ensure staff training is provided that is compliant with legislative requirements

Subcontractor and supplier selection is governed primarily by our ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance regime. Under our QA procedures, we maintain a comprehensive approved subcontractor and supplier database to benchmark quality of delivery, performance to programme, Health & Safety and of course environmental impact. All subcontractors and suppliers must complete our questionnaire satisfactorily in order to be included on our approved database.

The database is the first point of reference in subcontractor and supplier selection as it details the main criteria of:

  • Quality
  • Performance – ability to work in occupied premises
  • Technical ability
  • Resources
  • Health & Safety
  • Conformance to environmental obligations

The database, therefore, allows us to select the most appropriate subcontractor for any trade and supplier of any product and be confident of their ability to deliver high-quality and compliant works.