Community Values

It is important to us to have a positive impact on our local community and the communities in which we work. We recognise that we have a duty to protect these environments as well as contributing through financial and physical support.

We therefore attempt to add as much value to the areas in which we work as we possibly can. Our efforts include:

  • The engagement of locally based construction apprentices.
  • The use of recycled or environmentally friendly raw materials and products wherever possible
  • To always set objectives to minimise the amount of energy and water used or waste produced.
  • To use local suppliers where possible
  • To carry out community consultation to ensure that every project meets local needs.
  • To always involve local people in the delivery of the project.
  • To increase local biodiversity by adding planting and wildlife areas.
  • The organisation of community events and/or consultations to throughout the project and celebrate the project completion.

We also believe that we have a duty to give back to the industry to which we belong and that is why we are proud to be a supporter the Construction Industry Helpline. This helpline provides support and advice on a range of topics from occupational health and well being to financial aid in times of hardship caused by accident, illness or bereavement to anyone within the construction industry, whether currently employed or not. If you need advice then call them on 0845 605 1956 or make a donation here.

Site Waste Recycling Rates

We are delighted to report that our current recycling rate is 98% – not that we are complacent! We are making efforts on all our sites to achieve 100%.



Charity Work and Philanthropy

We believe in supporting charity fundraising. This could be in the form of making a donation when an employee is seeking support for a sponsored event, right through to direct funding for St Clare Hospice in Harlow.

St Clare Hospice has a very special place in the collective Bolt & Heeks heart, having helped the relative of a member of staff through their final weeks. The care and support offered not just to patients but also their family and friends is tremendous and we are proud to raise funds to help them continue this important work from corporate sponsorship to collecting on site.

In light of the events at Grenfell Tower in London in June 2017, we are also collecting funds for survivors and all of those effected. In partnership with TFL, our operatives are collecting money on the streets of London during their work day breaks to help give a little something to those suffering after the event.